Within The Malfoy Manor

White on white translucent black capes
Back on the rack
Sunday, July 23 .::. Evening

A flick of the wand, and the dungeon walls revealed their secrets.

Shameful it was, to have to conceal one's work in one's adopted home, but elves were treacherous and sister's choice of friends was at times ... unfortunate. And so Bellatrix worked her webs in secrecy, parceling out the strands to associates with great care.

Luckily there were enough of them that dinner conversation with Narcissa was never difficult — or too revealing.

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Insane eye/plot


The crying one next door stopped. Unfair — it was sweet to listen to.

They brought us new clothes. Too soon, too soon and I will not wear them in any case. This is how they want me, this is how I shall be. It makes no matter.


I miss the Dementors. They brought forth the most sincere screams.